We as a society need to start wearing masks or this won't stop

Things will not start getting better until the infection slows down. That won't happen until either most people are infected or people start wearing protection in the limited social interaction: grocery shopping, essential working, etc.

For various reasons, the CDC has recommended people to not wearing masks. However, things are changing and there are more evidence now that masks helps:

  1. Masks can reduce the amount of droplets you inhale and contact with your mouth and nose. It is never one virus that get you sick, it is the amount of virus that matters, reducing the amount of droplets will reduce the risk.
  2. There are more people infected every minutes and it grows exponentially, and most of infected people are asymptomatic. That means everyone, me and you, or anyone you come to contact remotely, however healthy one looks, can actually be infected and contagious. Masks protect others.
  3. Masks shows you care, and can be a sign of safety. If you have to take take-outs or food delivered, do you prefer someone with masks or without? As things goes, the society can start requiring masks for grocery and other places, make it safer for people who have to go out. 
  4. With the current shelter-in-place policy, the chance to go out is already very low, masks supply is lesser a problem than before. Anything that can cover your mouth and nose is better than nothing: masks, scarves, pillow strapped on your faces.
Can we pull this off?


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