The realistic guide to safer Autopilot, with model and back-of-envelope calculation.

TL;DR1: for people new with Autopilot: how to use it safer.
TL;DR2: for Autopilot safety: One argument is that Autopilot gives people false sense of safety, leading people to be less attentive, which may make it less safe than without. Let's see if that stands by check how much less attentive people can be with Autopilot to get the same accident rate.
Intro One reason Tesla owners are spoiled and never want to go back to non-Tesla car is Autopilot. It is such a great experience to drive with Autopilot. It can make daily commute way more enjoyable, and make long road trip relaxing instead of tiring.

About my usage
I got my Long Range RWD Model 3 May 2018 and have driven it for more than 13k miles. My commute is around 25 miles each day, 90% of them on crowded US-101. Autopilot make it extremely relaxing. All I have to do it drive on the highway, get onto the carpool lane, turn on Autopilot and then relax till the car move it self to the highway exit and slows down, then take over. …

Tesla Autonomous day, from a AI engineers' perspective

TL;DR Great progress from Tesla. Tesla is probably in par or even ahead of other self-driving company. However, L5/RobotTaxi is still very far away.
Summary Tesla's Autonomous Investor day talk is very interesting, to say the least. A weird ~1 hour loop video, followed by 2 amazing talks full of tech details about AI chip design and deep learning system from Pete Bannon and Andrej Karpathy, then one hour of unrealistically ambitious RoboTaxi picture from Elon.

The stock market sunk significantly in the following days, partially because of the recent fire in Shanghai, which is totally unnecessary, and partially because of the disappointing financial report, and in my understanding, partially because of the revenge from the investors who feel stupid of themselves after attending an unexpected tech talk they probably understand only 1%.

Jokes aside, the tech talks are awesome. It shade lights on lots of details and progress about Tesla's self driving work, and probably place Tes…

Tesla new Browser capabilities!

Tesla updated the in car web browser in update 2019.12.11.1. Overall, the impression has been great from the owners. People start to try to do crazy things on it, trying out video conferences, remote desktop, you name it.

Today, I will look into the tech details of it, and its API and capabilities!

First thing first, here is the UserAgent string of the browser.

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; GNU/Linux) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chromium/73.0.3683.101 Chrome/73.0.3683.101 Safari/537.36 Tesla QtCarBrowser
This is a Chrome(Chromium to be more precise), and it is pretty recent 73. BTW, looks like Tesla's UI is based on QT framework!

Next thing, we checked the HTML5 features this browser support. Here is the result.

TL;DR is, this is better score than Chrome on Mac OS!

The significant missing ones are:

MPEG4, H264, H265 codecs. This is why Youtube/Netflix is not working, and we are seeing the no-codec error code on Tesla on YoutubeWeb Authentication / FIDO 2ObjectRTC API for WebRTCWeb N…

TFBoys -- blog for playing with TensorFlow

Tensorflow hub is a good place to play with stuff.