Tesla new Browser capabilities!

Tesla updated the in car web browser in update 2019.12.11.1. Overall, the impression has been great from the owners. People start to try to do crazy things on it, trying out video conferences, remote desktop, you name it.

Today, I will look into the tech details of it, and its API and capabilities!

First thing first, here is the UserAgent string of the browser.

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; GNU/Linux) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chromium/73.0.3683.101 Chrome/73.0.3683.101 Safari/537.36 Tesla QtCarBrowser

This is a Chrome(Chromium to be more precise), and it is pretty recent 73. BTW, looks like Tesla's UI is based on QT framework!

Next thing, we checked the HTML5 features this browser support. Here is the result.

TL;DR is, this is better score than Chrome on Mac OS!

The significant missing ones are:

  1. MPEG4, H264, H265 codecs. This is why Youtube/Netflix is not working, and we are seeing the no-codec error code on Tesla on Youtube
  2. Web Authentication / FIDO 2
  3. ObjectRTC API for WebRTC
  4. Web Notifications. No notification on Tesla. Probably a good thing.
  5. Speech Synthesis. No text-to-speech native support at least.
  6. Drag-and-drop support
Ones that working:

  1. Ogg Theora and WebM with VP8 support! We may still be able to watch something! Will need to test it out! (http://www.ioncannon.net/examples/vp8-webm/demo.html)
  2. DRM support. Netflix is not totally out of luck!
  3. Geolocation, Device Orientation, Device Motion API!
  4. WebGL/WebGL2! 3D games! Thought the performance is more of a concern. 
  5. Storage API
  6. Web Payments API!
  7. Access the webcam 
  8. WebRTC 1.0
  9. Gamepad control

Lots of opportunities open up after this. Will provide update on what more can be done here!

Update: webm vp8 actually works, at least first frame is rendered on lte! Will need to check on wifi to see if it can load the video.

However, geolocation API and device orientation API doesn't work. 

Update 2: web vp8 or ogg are not loading even under wifi, but first frame can be rendered. 

Update 3: Webcam API exists, but not really be able to connect to the camera. Geolocation API works on Google Maps but not other site, there may be a whitelist?


  1. I speculate that someone can assemble carplay and/or android auto in a webserver. Then you go to mycarplay.com and sign in (on the new Tesla Browser) and the phone in your pocket sends the video to that site and the sound over bluetooth locally in the car. Bam, bypassed Tesla's restriction on carplay/android auto, and you are browsing to it..

    Maybe WASM?

    1. This may be possible, from Android side the api exists for remote control with the right permission, the browser side refresh rate may not be good, but simple control like music is definitely doable.


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